Reserve Davinote

STEP 1. Enter the application.

STEP 2. At the top, there is a section of the home tab that says ‘’ Categories ’’. Select the type of business for which you want to book by clicking on it.

STEP 3. Then click on the business that interests you.

STEP 4. Below you will see what the business offers and its prices. Select the service you want to reserve and click the blue button ” RESERVE ”. And the button will turn red.

STEP 5. Then find the shopping cart icon, point it and click on it.

STEP 6. Select the day that you are available for your reservation (The application will show you as an option the days that the business has space to schedule the appointment).

STEP 7. And select the schedule you want. Then click on ” Continue ”.

STEP 8. You will see a summary of your reservation and its cost. Click on ” Pay Reservation ”.

STEP 9. Choose your payment method by clicking, and answer if you are sure of your reservation.

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