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Frequently Asked Questions about


What happens if I miss a reservation?

There would be no problem in the case of paying with a credit card, Davinote is a mediator between you and your agent, if you let your reservation pass, both of you can reach a formal agreement where the reservation is transferred for another day. If you pay in cash, you will be charged a penalty of 20% based on the total price of the reservation that you let pass, the maximum penalty is 25 dollars or more.

Can I delete my account on Davinote?

No, it is possible to deactivate it and when you go back in, activate it again.

Is it possible to postpone a reservation?

Yes, it is possible, you should only contact the business to agree to move your reservation to another day or time, the control of your reservation is handled by your agent, you only have to reach a formal agreement.

Can I see business in other states?

Yes, you can see businesses in other states, it is as easy as going to search engine settings and selecting the state and city.

Frequently Asked Questions about

DaviNote Partners

Frequently Asked Questions about

DaviNote Partners

How to withdraw my winnings?

To withdraw your earnings you have to go to the earnings report and then press the withdraw button then you choose the amount to withdraw. More details Here.

Can I register several branches with the same account?

No. The application is designed for locations, which means that for several locations you must have multiple records in our app.

Does Davinote keep track of my taxes?

Yes, of the total of your invoices issued we retain 7% for when you report your taxes you can take them out and present them. (the percentage can be increased according to the laws of your state). More information here.

Can my employees withdraw their earnings from the app?

No, the app connects to the business owner’s bank account and it is their responsibility to make the payment to their employees.

Does Davinote charge any amount for reservation or withdrawal of funds?

No, the only discount that is made in our app is the percentage that Stripe discounts for making transactions with them, This means that Davinote Corp does not charge for the reservations that your business has.

Can I have multiple businesses with a single account?

No, nuestra app fue pensada para que un negocio tenga una, por tanto solo es posible registrar un negocio por cuenta en nuestra app.

How many employees can I register in my business?

There is no limit, although a maximum of 10 employees is recommended to avoid saturating your customers.

Can I make a reservation from Davinote Partner to another company?

Yes, you can do exactly the same functions as the client version. In our guide we explain how.

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